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Alabama: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past LawsPending LawsCurrent LawsOur view

Past laws

HB 258

  • Would have banned the use of e-cigarettes in any public place where smoking is prohibited

HB 224

  • Would have taxed e-liquid through a tiered milliliter system
  • Licensing requirements for purchase and sale of e-liquid

Pending laws

No Pending Laws

Current laws

Patchwork of usage bans in several localities

Our view

The Alabama legislature has followed the format of several other states, attempting to tax electronic cigarettes similarly to traditional cigarettes. Taxing electronic cigarettes in the same way as tobacco is detrimental to the young industry’s growth and may discourage consumers from switching to a potentially less harmful alternative. Alabama is a state with a rather high smoking rate for adults at 22.1%, which calls into question the rationale of the legislature when it comes to taxing vapor products.