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E-Cigarette Regulations by Country

Australian Flag


Laws are going to continue to evolve and conflict with one another, and many decisions will ultimately be decided in court.

Belgium's Flag


In Belgium, the sale of e-cig hardware and liquids without nicotine is unregulated, but those with nicotine require a medical license to sell and purchase.

Canadian Flag


Conflicting laws in different provinces throughout Canada have created considerable confusion about the status of e-cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives in the country.

Denmark's Flag


Laws regarding e-cigarette regulations continue to confuse consumers and producers as the government’s proposal for implementing the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive legal challenges in court.

Finland's Flag


You’re not the only one confused about e-cig laws in Finland. Finland has what we call a two-tier system, meaning that e-cig products containing nicotine and those that do not are treated differently under the law.

French Flag


The 2014 INPES Health Barometer reported that 400,000 French people have given up smoking tobacco thanks to the help of e-cigarettes.



The import, sale and use of e-cigs containing nicotine are perfectly legal in Germany; however, similar to many countries in Europe, it is widely alleged.

Greek Flag


Higher tobacco taxes have significantly decreased sales, but indoor smoking bans are largely ignored and unenforced.

Hungary's Flag


Until the passing of an extensive public smoking ban in 2010, smoking was legal on all forms of public transportation, in hospitals and even in airports.

Irish Flag


Ireland, which became one of the first countries in the world to institute a national in-door smoking ban over a decade ago, has been fairly tolerant of e-cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives.

Italian Flag


Any vaper or distributor trying to understand the many ongoing court dramas regarding e-cig laws in Italy probably has more questions than answers, which has created a major problem for the industry.

Netherlands Flag


Since the duty of following tobacco regulations falls on the importer, Dutch companies are able to cater to different markets all over the world with a variety of products.

Sweden's Flag


As the chief exporter of one of the world’s most popular smokeless alternatives, Snus, Sweden enjoys special privileges within the E.U. allowing them and only them to legally produce and sell the unique product.

Swiss Flag


The Swiss are notorious neutralists when it comes to foreign policy, and the same seems to be true when it comes to international trade of tobacco alternatives.

Englands Flag


The U.K. currently has some of the most comprehensive and successfully enforced regulations in the world regarding electronic cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives.