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Georgia: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past laws

No Past Laws

Pending laws

HB 907

  • Introduces stringent manufacturing and licensing requirements for vapor products
  • Extensive labeling requirements for e-liquid
  • Areas where e-liquids are mixed, bottled, packaged, and stored shall be accessible to authorized personnel only by the use of a high security key system
  • Requires remotely-monitored security system at the facility in areas where e-liquids are mixed, bottled, packaged, and stored
  • The facility shall be subject to a 24 hour video surveillance of the above mentioned areas. Recording of surveillance shall be retained for at least 30 days
  • Manufacturers will be required to store and maintain three ten-milliliter sample bottles from each production batch for a period of not less than three years in a secure limited access area with recorded video surveillance
  • Manufacturers will submit to random audits of the facility, samples, and records
  • Stringent requirements for ingredients in E-liquids

Current laws

HB 251

  • Bans sale of E-cigarettes to minors

Our view

There is no exaggeration in the claim made by CASAA that says HB 907 is likely the most destructive and poorly written piece of legislation we will see this year. Not only does this bill list out cumbersome burdens for manufacturers, but it also punishes store owners who carry products from manufacturers not meeting these requirements. This bill severely limits consumer access to vapor products while placing huge costs on manufacturers, which would inevitably trickle down to consumers. While demanding certain manufacturing standards is completely reasonable, such as high quality ingredients and clean rooms, several manufacturers will not be able to afford the cost of the massive security apparatus demanded by the state.