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Maine: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past LawsPending LawsCurrent LawsOur view

Past laws

HP 950

  • Would have imposed a wholesale tax on electronic cigarettes equivalent to the tax on a pack of cigarettes
  • Would have imposed licensing requirements to sell electronic cigarettes

HP 670

  • Would have enacted a tax of 10 cents per 18mg of nicotine contained in any amount of e-liquid

Pending laws

No Laws Pending

Current laws

LD 1108

  • Prohibits vaping where smoking is prohibited

Our view

We know from looking at the laws of other states that there are far worse things than including electronic cigarettes in the state’s clean indoor air act. However, it is important to note again that equating vaping and smoking is disingenuous and currently there are no long term studies available on the potential effects of so called “second hand vapor”. Maine seems keen to tax electronic cigarettes, and their method shows a clear lack of understanding for how vapor products are used. Through taxing nicotine content at 18mg quantities the state would have disproportionately targeted consumers using closed tank cartridge systems. This displays a troubling disconnect between the legislature and the vape community as a whole.