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New Hampshire: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past LawsPending LawsCurrent LawsOur view

Past laws

SB 105

  • Amends State’s indoor smoking act to prohibit vaping
  • Introduces child resistant packaging requirements

HB 2 (Budget)

  • Initially included a 73.94% tax on the wholesale price of vapor products

Pending laws

No Pending Laws

Current laws

No Current Laws

Our view

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the live free or die state isn’t in the business of regulating electronic cigarettes or restricting their use. Currently there are no pending pieces of legislation that affect electronic cigarettes, and the need for child resistant packaging has been addressed on the federal level. It is very likely that we will not see any activity from New Hampshire until 2017, at which point FDA’s deeming regulations should be in effect and should take precedent over state legislation.