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Ohio: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past laws

HB 64 (Budget)

  • The budget initially included a 49% tax on vapor products, it appears to have been removed from the final budget

Pending laws

No Pending Laws

Current laws

HB 144

  • Defines e-cigarettes as alternative nicotine products and prohibits the sale of vapor products to minors

Public Usage

  • Banned for use in enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants in Oberlin

Our view

Thankfully Governor Kasich’s proposed tax on vapor products was not included in his budget last year, preventing an unjustified increase in cost for local stores and consumers. At the time several Vape shops admitted that they would be forced to close their doors permanently in the face of such a tax. It does not appear that the Ohio legislature has any plans for electronic cigarettes at the moment, and this may be due to Governor Kasich’s absence as he campaigns for the presidency.