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Oregon: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past laws

SB 663

  • Would have allowed vaping inside vape shops
  • Would have required licensing through Oregon Liquor Control Commission for premises where retail sales of tobacco products and inhalants are made
  • Would have raised minimum age at which person may purchase or possess tobacco products or devices to 21

HB 2074

  • Would have redefined electronic cigarettes and tobacco products, subjecting them to a 65% wholesale tax

HB 2134

  • Would have redefined electronic cigarettes and tobacco products, subjecting them to a 65% wholesale tax

SB 190

  • Would have banned online sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

HB 415

  • Would have banned characterizing flavors

HB 417

  • Would have required vapor retailers to acquire a license
  • Stipulates distance from schools
  • Would have prohibited samples, discounts, and coupons

HB 2558

  • Would have classified nicotine as a schedule III controled substance

Pending laws

HB 4062

  • Introduces a 50% tax on the retail price of vapor products including liquids and devices

Current laws

HB 2546

  • Bans vaping in all indoor public areas amending the Clean Indoor Air Act
  • Prohibits packaging that is deemed to be “attractive to minors” as determined by the authority by rule

Our view

At the moment Oregon’s only restrictions on electronic cigarettes are a public usage ban, packaging requirements and restricting sales to minors, but that isn’t for a lack of trying to pass every conceivable restriction the legislature could come up with. The legislature hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down either. From taxes to flavor bans and outright banning online sales there doesn’t seem to be a regulatory approach that the legislature doesn’t at least fancy a little bit. The upcoming potential tax on vapor products will negatively affect consumers and threaten the livelihood of several vape shops, where owners already are prohibited from demonstrating how to use their products. This severely hampers the ability of the shops to explain new concepts to seasoned vapers and certainly makes it difficult for newcomers to the world of vaping to make informed decisions as consumers.