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The View of White Cloud

At White Cloud, we agree with many professionals and experts in the area of public health who see the potential for electronic cigarettes to significantly reduce the harm and risk associated with existing combustible tobacco use.

As the industry currently stands, there is wide variation in electronic cigarettes, their quality and individual company approaches to marketing to consumers. As such, we at White Cloud propose that any future regulation of electronic cigarettes should be science and evidence-based with appropriate product and manufacturing standards, thus ensuring the maximum quality of product whilst providing current tobacco consumers with a significantly lower risk alternative to existing combustible tobacco products.

The specific regulatory areas to be addressed with respect to electronic cigarettes should not restrict the opportunity for consumers to make an educated decision relating to their future health risks, but should give Public Health and Regulators alike confidence that the products meet acceptable quality, safety and efficacy standards.

We believe that any regulation of electronic cigarettes should be based on peer reviewed and published scientific evidence and be developed in consultation with both electronic cigarette manufacturers and other relevant stakeholders, such as public health experts.

Since electronic cigarettes, as a category, are generally accepted as being significantly less harmful than conventional cigarettes, their potential to reduce the harm associated with tobacco use should be recognized.

Read White Cloud’s Statement to Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Concerning: Aggressive E-Cigarette Marketing and Potential Consequences for Youth