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Pennsylvania: Laws and Regulations Summary

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Past LawsPending LawsCurrent LawsOur view

Past laws

No Past Legislation

Pending laws

HB 682

  • Amends the Clean Indoor Air Act to include electronic cigarettes and vapor products

SB 1055

  • Prohibits sale of vapor products to minors

State Budget

  • Portion of budget imposes 40% tax on the wholesale price of vapor products

Current laws

Public Usage

  • Philadelphia has banned usage in all enclosed workplaces, exempting bars where food accounts for less than 10% of sales and alcohol accounts for more than 90% of sales and persons under 18 are prohibited

Our view

Pennsylvania finds itself in a very lonely situation, being one of the few states to not ban the sale of vapor products to minors. It is unclear to many as to why such common sense legislation has not been passed. It may be a product of the intense gridlock taking place in Pennsylvania currently. An ongoing fight over a budget deal that may end up including a 40% tax on the wholesale price of electronic cigarettes has been raging for an unprecedented 9 months. While this tax is counterintuitive to the interest of public health passing a law to prohibit sales to minors is common sense and should be passed as quickly as possible.