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United States – Regs, Laws, and Bans

Alabama State


The Alabama legislature has followed the format of several other states, attempting to tax electronic cigarettes similarly to traditional cigarettes.

Alaska State


The Alaskan legislature seems determined to define vapor products as tobacco for the purpose of taxation. This oversimplified regulatory approach has the potential to vastly limit consumer choice.

Arizona State


Thankfully Arizona’s legislature successfully passed a bill banning the sale of vapor products to minors. Their 2015 attempt to further regulate electronic cigarettes is more troubling however.

California State


California legislators are no strangers to making attempts to remove Electronic cigarettes from the market entirely.

Connecticut State


Connecticut’s legislature has attempted to pass some of the more unique and restrictive e-cig regulation that we’ve seen so far.

Delaware State


Delaware’s legislature has followed the blueprint of several states that have enacted a statewide vaping ban.

Florida State


Florida is quite friendly towards electronic cigarettes and small business, which is great news for vapers who visit the Sunshine State.

Georgia State


There is no exaggeration in the claim made by CASAA that says HB 907 is likely the most destructive and poorly written piece of legislation we will see this year.

Indiana State


Indiana’s manufacturing requirements for e-liquids are cumbersome and expensive, creating a situation where small and medium sized businesses will not be able to comply with these regulations and as a result go out of business.

Maine State


Maine seems keen to tax electronic cigarettes, and their method shows a clear lack of understanding for how vapor products are used.

New Hampshire State

New Hampshire

Currently in New Hampshire there are no pending pieces of legislation that affect electronic cigarettes, and the need for child resistant packaging has been addressed on the federal level.

New Jersey State

New Jersey

New Jersey is very dedicated to limiting consumer access for electronic cigarettes and the legislature has already ostracized vapers by including them in the state smoking ban.

New York State

New York

New York legislators have been heavily focused on redefining and reclassifying electronic cigarettes into the same category as traditional tobacco products.

Ohio State


Thankfully Governor Kasich’s proposed tax on vapor products was not included in his budget last year, preventing an unjustified increase in cost for local stores and consumers.

Oregon State


At the moment Oregon’s only restrictions on electronic cigarettes are a public usage ban, packaging requirements and restricting sales to minors, but that isn’t for a lack of trying to pass every conceivable restriction the legislature could come up with.4

Pennsylvania State


Pennsylvania finds itself in a very lonely situation, being one of the few states to not ban the sale of vapor products to minors. It is unclear to many as to why such common sense legislation has not been passed.

Texas State


It is clear from the several pieces of legislation left in committee by the Texas legislature in 2015 that SB97 or a bill just like it was going to manifest into law sooner rather than later.

Utah State


Laws are going to continue to evolve and conflict with one another, and many decisions will ultimately be decided in court.

Vermont State


Vermont is poised to enact a hefty tax on electronic cigarettes as well as a public usage ban this legislative session. Usage bans are a tricky subject, as most establishments should be allowed to set their own rules for the use of electronic cigarettes.

Virginia State


It’s nothing short of bizarre that in one of the first states to fully legalize marijuana for sale and use that one would find such opposition to electronic cigarettes.

Washington State


Restricting sales to minors is a wise move, and two failed tax bills show that Virginia is still a friendly state for consumer choice when it comes to e-cigarettes.